Sample Leather Store Service

Sample Leather Bags Store Services 


  1. List products which must be reordered soon
  2. List the orders that contain more than a specified number of products in a given location
  3. List the items that the previous users ordered together, based on a selected product
  4. List the Number of customers that have purchased a particular product
  5. List all the Order Reference which is 1 year old, so that it can be deleted
  6. List a product that is the best seller of a manufacturer (i.e., I Medici laptop case)
  7. Age group of maximum sales with group on gender
  8. Listing Orders in ascending/descending on category/Selling Price/Availability/Hot Product(Most Selling with last year/quarter trend).
  9. Given a ‘product id’, return all ‘customers’ who have purchased that product
  10. Give list of all models purchased in last one month
  11. Give me all the orders with incorrect address
  12. Give me all the orders with Total price greater than $200
  13. Give me list of all the orders given by customer id xxx
  14. Give me list of orders which have been placed today/yesterday

Store Inventory

  1. Determine the number of out-of-stock items from a specified manufacturer (in order to minimize the number of times a manufacturer must be contacted with reorders)
  2. List products for a particular category, sub-category (E.g.: briefcases for lawyers)
  3. List the manufacturers of a particular product (Leather Briefcase)
  4. List all the products from a particular Manufacturer (Pratesi Leather Bags)
  5. List all product per occasions (Valentines day leather bag gifts)
  6. List all the products that are currently on discounts or specials (bags specials)
  7. Age group of maximum sales with group on gender
  8. List different options for a particular product, Like different Colors, Sizes Etc.
  9. Give available quantity for a particular product
  10. Display category of goods sold in descending order.
  11. List of Products by category ( Women’s Handbags)
  12. Which items are in a particular status? ex. Return all items in ‘out of stock’ status
  13. Return all items in a category having cost less than ‘X’ amount: Example:    Return all ‘Bags’ that cost less than $50
  14. Give list of bags in Women handbags category
  15. Give me list of all Best seller manufacturers
  16. Give me all the products which belong to manufacturer ID 1
  17. Give me all the products which are out of stock
  18. Give me all the products with qty less than 10
  19. Give me all the products with qty more than 50
  20. Give me best sellers list
  21. Give me all products of model xxx
  22. Give all products with price having discount more than 25%
  23. Monthly report of the sold products

Store Customers

  1. Get customers invoice (old / new) using the name or credit card number.
  2. Customers can delete or change their orders before it delivered.
  3. Search for specific items by model, title, manufacturer, price range, and name.
  4. Payment Proceed by credit card.
  5. List customers in a specified state/zip code
  6. Display customers on age group with credit cards
  7. Display customers who paid online.
  8. Customers who are using the Coupon Codes.
  9. Customers who are using the Store Card.
  10. Customers whose billing address is a particular area.
  11. Give me all the customers in Chicago Area
  12. Give me list of frequent buyers
  13. Give me list of customers who are customers for more than year
  14. Give me list of newly joined customers onthly report of the customers who bought products in a particular month

Store Accountant Department

  1. Get general daily, monthly, or yearly reports.
  2. Get tax reports and all related documents.
  3. Get sell statistics 
  4. Get daily, monthly, or yearly expenses report such as advertising and salaries.
  5. Set salaries for employers. 
  6. Profit of the last month/ year
  7. Profit Sales in the “summer sale/ TG Sales /Christmas Sales”
  8. Payment mode percentage increase in the sales time period
  9. Give names of all customers in zip code ‘xxxxx’

Manger/ HR/ administration

  1. Limited accesses to alter in company database such as item cost, add new items, or put discounts.(manger, administration )
  2. Get complain and recommendation email from customers .(HR) 
  3. Check employers sells by get their monthly sells. (HR, manger)
  4. Give me list of all Admins
  5. Give me list of Admins who deleted something


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