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Featured Recyling Customer

S&S Metal Recycling

Make money by recycling while protecting the environment. Scrap and metal recycling in Chicago, IL.

Customer Center

LasX Industries, Inc

a leader in Laser Cutting Machine & Laser Cutting Services.

RushRash Security Camera Installation

Rushrash runs a Drupal CMS website on one of our dedicated servers supporting it's security camera installation shop and an ecommercesite for it's security cameras, DVR, and Surveillance CCTV.

LaserSharp FlexPak Services

LaserSharp FlexPak Services offers laser perforating and laser scoring services for a variety of flexible packaging applications.

Italian Leather Bags

I Medici bags, Chiarugi bags, Pratesi leather bags from IMedici Leather and Italian leather bag store.

e-Learning Center

JavaTM Tutorial

Flow of Control (Java Looping and Conditional Statements) Object Oriented Programming (Using classes) Object Oriented Programming: User-Defined Classes Java Applets Java Arrays Java Exceptions Java.IO, Recursion. Java tutorial index

Web Hosting Case Study

This case study was given all software engineering students at at IIT. Students were asked to study all applications provided by a hosting company and develop a customer management application to support the hosting applications that are supported on a typical hosting server. read more about the Web Hosting Project

Customer Testimonials

 Hostitwise is fully in charge of my dedicated hosting plan. Hostitwise currently hosting our web application on a dedicated server. I have had no issues and I'm happy to know that such a professional service exist.
Sean D. BidoBee.com

 Hostitwise provided cloud hosting on the Amazon AWS for a new car dealership website with powerfull CMS and a built in dealership SEO package.
GT Dealers

 Got a dedicated hosting plan for their professional and local Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services.
Website Design and Support


Web Hosting - From Just $4.29/month!

Our web hosting service is hands down the most cost effective and feature packed hosting service on the web. Hostitwise has the web’s best hosting plans at affordable prices. These plans are packed with value and features. Hostitwise’s state-of-the-art hosting plans come complete with FREE 24/7 technical support and dedicated virtual servers. View our customized hosting plans for complete details and prices!. Everything you need to give your Web site the reliable, high- performance home it deserves! As low as $4.29/mo!

Often when you are creating a new website or trying to migrate your site to another design, hosting provider, you need to consider and have an overall plan for the type of content, frequency of change, design and color schemes, style sheets, fonts, images, as well as the software that will be used to build the website or content management system (CMS) that you intend to use. Most web hosting service providers offer extensive support for CMS systemslike Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. Web hosts generally include access to the most popular CMS scripts with their packages, along with an easy to install scripts (you can with one click install any of these popular CMS systems with all hosting companies). read more


Recent Hosting Application Case Study

Leather & Jewelry Repair Store

The Leather and Jewelry Repair shop needs an application to track service orders and maintain customer data. Epison Software proposes the solutions explained in this document to help business owners, employees and customers. It aims to give the business owners a new platform to work in, to make the different orders run faster in an organized manner, and to save effort and time for the customers so the repair service provider will always be their choice of service. read on

Car Dealr App

At an Object Orineted Design and Programing class students were given an application to support a Chicago land Chevy dealer for a VIN decoding for Chevy cars, Buick and all GMC Cars as will as luxury cars. Here is the project desicription: Car dealers need to identify the cars they sell, buy and service. A Vehicle Identification Number, commonly abbreviated to VIN, is a unique serial number used by the automotive industry to identify individual motor vehicles. In 1981, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the United States standardized the format. It required all over-the-road-vehicles sold to contain a 17-character VIN read moreread more Car Dealership VIN Decoder.

Several Hosting Plans Available, all Plans Include:

  • Our World-class Data Center
  • Online set-up and instant account activation
  • FrontPage Extensions
  • 24x7 FTP Access
  • Best-of-breed routers, firewalls and servers
  • Web Site Statistics
  • Free Setup!
  • 24x7 Monitoring
  • 24x7 Email, Telephone & Web-based Tech Support
  • 24x7 Physical Security
  • Secure SSL Certificates (optional extra)

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PHP Hosting

PHP originally called Personal Home Page Tools. Developed in 1994 as a simple HTML-embedded server-parsed tool for creating dynamic content in Web pages. Since then PHP has steadily grown into a powerful web development tool and built a reputation as a powerful scripting language that was simple enough to appeal to site designers who weren't necessarily professional programmers. If you are new to PHP and want to how it works, try the introductory tutorial. Or you can download the entire manual as a huge two-part PDF file for printing and binding, or you can download the HTML version of the manual and put it on your own server. For More PHP Builder home page for more information on PHP tutorials, templates with PHP, manuals, content management systems, PHP scripts, classes and more. read more about PhP Hosting.

How I Transfer my domain?

Domain name transfer procedures are very easy but require special attention and planning for the transfer can save you a lot of time. Also it could yield a minimum downtime. Click Here for detailed information on how to transfer your domain name to HostitWise.

How to Transfer an os-commerce application to a different server?

In this example we are moving a hosted os-commerce from a virtual server (shared) to a dedicated server. We have tested these procedures with Plesk 9.x. read more.

Dedicated Server Q & A

In these pages we outline some important issues as we face them in supporting our customers with their dedicated server installation and answer some issues related to for example webmail (Horde, AtMail), Mailman, and other dedicated server issues. read more

Dedicated Server lost Plesk admin password

Generally speaking you will not be able to retrieve your admin password on your dedicated server control panel login as this would be very dangerous. Your admin Plesk password can be retrieved (viewed) from your Linux OS when logged in as an supper user (su) and editing the file /etc/psa/.psa.shadow. read more.
Click here for additional instructions on how to retrieve your Plesk control panel password.

Virtual Dedicated Servers

Get the features of our Dedicated Servers at a lower price. With Virtual Dedicated hosting from HOSTITWISE.COM, your server is shared while the accounts are isolated, So you still have full control over server space. To get started, simply choose one of our popular plans or build your own. Learn more about our Virtual Dedicated Server plans

Why Virtual Dedicated Servers

Admin access: Install and run virtually anything on the server. Manage multiple Web sites: Host multiple Web sites on one server account Versatility: A dedicated server/virtual dedicated server can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including gaming, virtual (i.e., shared) hosting, and hosting of traffic-intensive Web sites. Dedicated Server web Hosting with Plesk 9.x Control Panel question and answer.
read more

Dedicated Servers

Enjoy our ultimate server package – customize and configure your own Dedicated Server. Simply choose one of our popular plans or select your own Linux or Windows server and plan options. No long waits – your server is provisioned within hours. HOSTITWISE.COM makes it easy!. Learn more about our Dedicated Server plans.

Click here for procedures to setup a Ubuntu Apache2 with Multiple Virtual hosts on Amazon EC2 Instance.

Types of Hosting

Blogs Hosting

Blogging is the fastest growing Internet technologies on the Web. A web blog is an electronic journal that is read or consumed by anyone and is published usually by one or more authors. Blog Hosting is enabled via Blog Scripting which allow an author of the blog to publish information (ideas, thoughts) automatically on their perspective web sites or through a blogger web site. Blog Hosting can be made easy with Hostitwise since we offer FREE, easy-to-use blogging tools (Such as WordPress) with every hosting package. Launch your own blog today for as low as $4.25/month. With hostitwise packages you can create personal blog, business blog, Family Blog, Community blog, and many more types of blogs.

what kind of business needs hosting

Every business needs a webpage today to survive the new era of mobile and web presense. Our customers range laser processing and laser cutting machinary, garage door repair men, professional stores, hookah & tobacco store, ecommerace of leather stores, jewelry, scrap metal recycling & recycling centers to name a few. Laser Cutting businesses has been getting hosting accounts as well.